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Hey, are you a tidy person with a passion for cleanliness who also has a car? Well, that can be a real nightmare sometimes! Unfortunately, our cars tend to get really messy and quite disorganized, which can drive some people crazy. But fear not — we at Gear Up With Me specialize in providing customers with all sorts of aftermarket products for automobiles and car accessories, and that of course includes everything you might possibly want and need for keeping your vehicle clean and tidy.

First of all, let’s start with your car’s body. Rain, snow, mud and the elements in general can take a real toll on it. And nobody like a dirty and muddy car, right? Sure, car washes are very common and are an obvious solution, but you’re welcome to save some money and do some car washing and cleaning on your own. After all, with gearupwithme.com it’s really easy! What you need is a hose with a handy sprayer nozzle for washing off all that dirt and stains off the body of your car. Of course, special car washing detergents and foam can be used for more effective cleaning — that’s why we’re offering foam-generating tanks on our website as well. After that feel free to work with a plush washing glove and/or some brushes to polish the car and clean up the rest. You’ll love how pristine and clear your automobile looks after these easy steps!

Okay, but what if you hate all the mess inside your car? That’s when a compact car vacuum cleaner comes into play! Dust, crumbs and other small trash can be cleaned up in minutes with this nifty gadget for your car. Plush cleaning gloves and cloths are great for wiping all the consoles, the dashboard, etc.

Shop at Gear Up With Me and enjoy cleanliness behind the wheel!

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